Friday, June 5, 2009

Free-for-all Friday: Garage Sale Shopping

I've mentioned before that I love to shop and God has given me a "talent" to find great bargains:) This is the time of the year that you can find a garage sale in just about any part of town that you are.

Recently, I got all of this for $5.50 and had a wonderful Saturday morning shopping with my son and one of my girlfriends...priceless!
Here are some good tips to make sure you, too, can turn one person's trash to your treasure.

1. Look for neighborhoods that have sales at multiple houses. This will cut down on your gas and cost of driving around. Also, if you have children, you can park and pull out the stroller to make a morning of it.

2. Set a budget. Never bring more cash than you can afford to spend. This money can come from so many places in your budget....extra money you did not spend at the grocery store, "fun" money, or even your gift budget. Always bring small bills and pull out only what you are willing to pay.

3. Think outside of the box. Do not ever go with a list, you will be discouraged and miss out on good finds because you will be so focused on looking for things that are not there.

4. Talk to your friends about the sales in their neighborhoods or ones at churches so you can go to the good ones and also spend time with your friends and family. It is a great time to catch up, have a great time shopping, and even stop for coffee before or after.

5. If you have children, it is always good to give them their own money to spend. Even if it is $1 or .50. My two year old found 2 cars that he had been wanting for .25 each. This was definitely his treasure for the morning.

6. Always ask yourself twice, "Do I need this?" Also, make a commitment that anything you buy for yourself, you will use in your home that day. If you think that something may look good in a certain room and it never makes it there, then this is a loss.

Psalm 138:8 " not abandon the works of your hands."

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Karen said...

Oh, I love to find a hidden treasure at a yard sale! I haven't been to any this year, but I hope to make it out to some before too long. I really like the neighborhood sales; it's fun to walk from house to house. :o)