Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday In The Word

The Lord is always ready to love us and give us direction if we will turn our eyes and heart in His direction. It seems that often we try everything else we can before we come to Him but He so wants us to come to Him first.

This verse in Psalms 32 is a wonderful picture of how difficult we make our lives when we don't come to Jesus first.

9 Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.
Like this bird that has been banging his head against my window for the last four weeks...

Never mind that he has a whole yard full of flowers, trees, water and space. He wants into my home and he is just going to pound into the glass until...


Like the goat that my husband saw in Africa. He was tied around a tree on a fairly long rope and he would run to the end of the rope and it would boomerang him back to the tree.

All of these have made me examine my life and heart to see if there are ways that I am being insistent on doing things one way and not seeing that God has a way or direction that is so much more perfect and beautiful. What might I be missing? What about you? Can you ask yourself that question?

Read the verse before:

8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

So, I would like to SHOUT from my rooftop:

Do not be like a stubborn horse or mule.

Do not be like the bird or goat.

Set your eyes and heart on God Almighty.

Look to Him to instruct you and counsel you.

The scenery will be much more beautiful!

The Holy Spirit is God's gift to us as believers and the Bible says that He is our teacher. A lot of times we don't ask God to teach us through the Holy Spirit. We are people without purpose or direction for no reason. The Holy Spirit is within each of us every minute of every day and wants to breath life into us. What a gift!

I am praying for you that you would ask God to fill you up everyday and that He would provide new dimensions and paths in your walk with Him.

Happy Spring!

I love you.

7 comments: said...

Glenda, this was so insightful! I would have read that verse a thousand times and not really "gotten it". I was even laughing a little at your illustrations. That poor bird! And the're funny the way you described those. I see where Hannah gets her sense of humor! :)

HPS said...

This is soooo perfect. I love those visuals.

2 things....I wish I could have seen you standing at your window trying to catch that darn bird on film AND I wish Daddy would have gotten that silly goat on video. That's HA-larious!

Michelle Cherikos said...

I cannot tell you what perfect timing this message is in my life today. THANK YOU!

Dolly said...

Good post Glenda. I too liked your visuals. I couldn't see the bird in that pic but I still liked the visual.

Glenda said...

Dolly, the bird was so hard to photograph. He made a launch from the back of the chair into the window and is the gray speck in the middle of the back of the chair . Best I could do. LOL

Kristi said...

Another great word!! Thank you!

Aundrea-aka Zerbert Baby said...

Thanks, Glenda for challenging me
every week to examine my walk. It
means so much to me. Love u.