Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Expired Coupons

Now that you've started collecting coupons you'll find they have an expiration date. Instead of throwing them away would you consider sending them to a military support center? The military commissaries overseas accept manufacturer's cents-off coupons for up to six months past their printed expiration dates! What a treasure it is to know that our expired coupons can make a real difference to the families who have dedicated and sacrificed a part of their lives for the sake of our country.

If you're interested please note:
  • Commissaries CANNOT accept "in-house" coupons issued by commercial grocery stores or supermarkets. However, they gladly accept Internet and manufacturer coupons.

  • Do not send any coupons older than 2 months expired on the date of shipment. They can use them for six months after their printed expiration date but remember that the volunteers at the base must process the coupons once they arrive and get them out to be used. We also need to leave enough time for the families to sort through them and find the ones they want for use.

  • Separate the coupons into two major categories - Food (for humans) and Non-Food (pet food would be non-food). Place them in large sealed freezer bags and label.
Click here if you'd like more information about the Overseas Coupon Program.

The base I've chosen for my contributions is the U.S. Army base in Illesheim, Germany.

Coupon Program Chairperson
ACS - Illesheim AST
CMR 416, Box I
APO AE 09140-0015

Challenge others to get involved! Coupons are making such a difference for our we can help others too!


Donna said...

Hannah was telling me about this. What a great idea! Thanks for sending the link with the address. I am definitely going to do this!! said...

Richelle, I love this! Do you know what's crazy? I have a friend who is stationed there in Germany. Her husband is a chaplain for armed forces. (For those of you who know Collyn 'Schneider' Gillispie, it's her sister Conli and her family that is overseas). I just cleaned out my coupons last week, but I'll be sure to save them next time around.

Dolly said...

Cool Angela! I didn't know that Conli's husband was stationed there! Wow! This is good to know and I'll have to start sending mine too.