Friday, April 24, 2009

Free-for-all Friday: Cleaning Edition

Here are a few of my favorite things when it comes to cleaning up and organizing things around our house.

1. Our very own Nancy blogged about this label maker on her personal blog a long time ago.

I LOVE to organize things--it makes me happy! I had seen these advertised so I went to get one and I have not been disappointed! It really is the handiest thing to have around the house and the labeling possibilities are endless! I've even seen my husband sneak it to make labels for his hunting stuff:) If you buy one, save your 50% off coupon for AC Moore. I have used mine to label many things including:

Containers in my pantry... Bins in our garage......

...and I'm starting to organize one of the closets in the playroom. This is helping me to get started:

2. My mother-in-law gave me this WONDERFUL washcloth in my stocking last Christmas. I have ranted and raved about it, which makes her and my sister-in-law laugh, but this is the BEST kitchen washcloth ever. It's crocheted (sp??) and very thick. The best part is, it has yet to get that nasty, old washcloth smell that sometimes happens if a washcloth sits out too long. It has never smelled musty, no matter how long it has sat in the sink. I've been searching and searching where I could find someone who made these because I wanted to buy some more!!! FINALLY, I've found somewhere and you'll be surprised but stay tuned for tomorrow's Mommy Marketing Moment! 3. This floor cleaner is.....well, Fabuloso! I use a vinegar/water solution to mop my floors. I add a little of this stuff and my house smells great! The type I get is a lavender scent and I like it because it doesn't have a chemical smell: 4. My friend, Jenny, gave me this tip at a Mary Kay Party recently and it's a good one. What do you do with all of those old, personalized burp cloths? I received so many when my son was born and I hated to just throw them out. My daughter claimed a few for her baby dolls, but I had tons left. Well, Jenny gave me the good idea to cut them in half and use them as dust cloths. Brilliant! I tried this yesterday when I spent 5 hours deep cleaning my house. The cloth was the perfect fabric for dusting. I'm throwing all my nasty rags out and from now on, I will dust the house in true monogram fashion:
We would love to hear some of your cleaning FAVs. Be sure to share them with us. Happy Spring Cleaning!


AmyA said...

Don't tell Zerbert Baby that you cut up your burp cloths!!
Do you have hardwoods? I'm always a little nervous about trying new cleaners on mine, but I also don't feel like I get mine truly clean. Does Fabuloso work on hardwoods?

Roof with a View said...

Try this vinegar solution on your hardwoods. It is easy: Add 1 cup white vinegar to a gallon of warm water. Then add in the fabuloso. It isn't a chemical smell, it cleans grate and makes the entire house smell good!

BTW, you can get Fabuloso really inexpensively at Target or Wal-Mart

Note: The burpclothes were put to good use so this tip is after your babies are no longer of spitting up age. :)

Aundrea-aka Zerbert Baby said...

Funny amy:) but you'd be surprised to find my linen closet filled with burp cloths. They make great cleaning rags.
I only use vinegar and water to do floors. I will try the faboluso though.
That is if and when I clean the floors.

HPS said...

GREAT post, Donna. Fabuloso IS the BOMB! It smells like a breathe of Spring air. Word to the wise: the purple kind is the only way to go!