Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Stockpiling

One of the keys to saving money is stockpiling! Stockpiling is when you buy several of the same items (that you know you always use) at the lowest price and when you have a coupon. It can be difficult to discern this when you begin the coupon journey because everywhere you look you seem to find a deal. However, as you continue to fill out your price grid you'll understand the lowest price of an item. When you stockpile at the right time, you can have multiples of the same item for less than the cost of what one would normally cost you.

It is very exciting when you begin your stockpile. I added a shelf in my garage for my extra goodies. You can make space even in the smallest of homes. Think under beds, in the attic, in bedroom closets, etc. Get's worth it!

REMEMBER: You must always stay within your budget! If a deal makes you go over your budget then it's not a good deal for your family! Trust me, there will always be another great deal next week.



HPS said...

I've been moving back into our house all day and this is a good post for me to see as I unpack all those boxes...incentive to toss unneeded STUFF so I have more room to stockpile...a whole new mindset as I arrange my cabinets. :) I like your tools, too. Thank you!

Dolly said...

This is good! I need to start "stockpiling." Good tips!