Monday, April 9, 2012

Train Up Tuesday: A REALLY Good Friday

I hope you had a wonderful Holy Week, a GREAT Good Friday, and a lovely Resurrection Day! It was the most memorable one for our little family. I'm wiped out, truly!

We enjoyed several of the activities I mentioned last week, and my Seder meal took quite a bit of time! We didn't eat until 7:30 which is VERY late for my family. But everyone was very patient. It was quite memorable and something I hope to long as I start roasting the lamb and preparing other items earlier in the day :)

The foot washing was so precious and sweet. My husband had planned to be the only one to wash our feet, but our boys (6 and 3 1/2) both wanted to serve as well and speak blessings to each of us. I'll never forget it!

We celebrated Saturday with a Super Hero birthday party for my middle son about to turn 4. It was a blast! And being one of those seasons, we had another 4 y.o. birthday party to attend later that day. Whew!

Sunday was so lovely. Service at church with so much of our family and friends. Then meeting again later that evening for a big family meal and the favorite "Resurre ction Rolls"! I just love weekends like these, but I'm glad they only happen a few times a year....I was wiped out on Monday! But it was a good kind of "wiped out". One I'd much rather have than the kind of "wiped out" I had for two months in a row...

As I mentioned last week, February and March were doozies of months for my family. Nothing "life altering" per se, but a lot of "life" happening all at one time. It felt like an avalanche or like I was treading water continually. February we had a "visitor" who didn't want to leave. Though not diagnosed, I'm guessing it was that nasty norovirus. It hit my youngest 2 boys (3 1/2 and my then 15 m.o.)....twice. The baby had it the second time for almost 3 days! AND I was trying to wean him....AND he was cutting about 6 teeth at one time (and no, we weren't successful in the weaning process...he needed some comfort, poor guy!). It was such a rough month, but my "positive outlook" was that at least my husband was home for much of this (the first quarter of the year is usually very heavy travel for him). I knew March would be rough because his travel would pick back up and he'd be gone for a few days every week...starting with a 10 day trip....and, of course, he got sick right before he left.

Amazingly, those 10 days went by okay. I suppose by that point, I knew that "God had this" seeing that I witnessed Him bringing me through February. I thought it would be smooth sailing after that....and then my middle son had another respiratory "attack". He's had pneumonia 3 times since he was an infant and struggles with each cold or allergy. We are working on how to better deal with this. This most recent attack led to a 2 night stay in the hospital. My husband stayed with him both nights (he's amazing!). During the second night, my baby began to struggle with similar respiratory problems due to a cold.

It was so scary for me. I cried out in desperation to God, not understanding. I immediately asked God to search my heart to reveal anything I was doing wrong. My husband and God's Word, however, helped me understand that God isn't always out to act punitively towards us, though we can often be led to believe that. Long story short, God brought us through all of that. I've learned (am learning) lessons from that time and I hope to share some of the sweetness with you.

Next week, I plan to tell you what ministered to me most during those 2 months. Again, it wasn't such a big deal in the grand scheme of life. But in the moments, it was very difficult to see any "good" or "worth" in it.

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