Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Train Up Tuesday: Increased Faith

During our recent 2 months of chaos, we had lots of time home...which meant lots of time making due with what was in the cupboards to keep from going to the grocery store. We had plenty, but there are always those items you have to constantly replenish with 3 little boys. Top of the list? MILK!

I know you've heard the stories of the "saints" who needed food or supplies that were miraculously delivered in their times of real need...needs for themselves, orphans, or others. This particular "need" didn't rank up there with those. However, there we were, stuck with just a little milk (enough for one of them), food that "only tastes good when you are having milk with it" as a snack before bed, and the knowledge that there would not be milk for breakfast unless Nana arrived in time the next morning (she alone knew about our "need" and was bringing some by the next morning before church; my husband was out of town and could not fetch said milk or watch little sickly ones so that I could). boys and I did the only thing we knew to do. We prayed. They knew God hears prayers and answers them. I (though skeptical, honestly), thought this would be a great opportunity to see their faith increased....especially if milk "fell from the sky"! I mean, mine would have been increased, too! Those little voices asking God for something simple as milk, which, again, wasn't an urgent need, were so precious, honest, and sincere. We would have made it fine without the milk. But this need to pray was most important.

Fast forward about 20 minutes later. We await my saintly, very-pregnant-at-the-time sister who was dropping off homemade doughnuts her husband made. We were expecting her to come, but I was in no way going to ask her to stop for milk! She had 2 babies already of her own and things she needed to do.

Her car pulls in. I open the door to see her carrying the doughnuts and lugging a grocery bag obviously full of something heavy, and immediately I know what it is. I call for the boys to come to the door. They are all smiling and celebrating, "Praise the Lord! God gave us milk! God told Aunt Paige!"

He did indeed. My sis "happened" to talk to my mom before arriving at our house and my mom mentioned that we needed milk. You can call it "coincidence"...but God's timing is amazing. My boys told this story to EVERYONE for days! ....and they started praying for EVERYTHING that they saw we "needed" in the following days.

Faith increased? Check! Now to explain the difference between "need" (milk) and wants ("Oreos").

How has your faith been increased lately?


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Aunt Sandi said...

What a great lesson and inspiration!