Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Women Only ~ Book Review

This book is by Shaunti Feldhahn and is wonderful for any woman. I got through this in about two weeks with my sister in law doing it beside me for discussion. Boy, what a fun way to bond and discuss our husband's make ups:) I found the best way to review this book was simply list some chapters and give a discussion point for each. It is so good I would desire for you all to read it.

Chapter One~
Lightbulb On! ~ How I woke up to what I did not know about men.

Imogene ~ I come from three sisters and a divorced family. This was a great chapter for me. On page 19 ~ "The more we understand the men in our lives, the better we can support and love them in the way they need to be loved." There are many facts in this chapter that reveal how they need to be loved to kick off this entire book and I loved it!

Chapter Two~
Your Love is Not Enough ~ Why your respect means more to him that even your affection.

Imogene~ When I get caught up in my daily life sometimes I forget about what my hubby may be going through in his daily life. So often it is the small things that mean so much to him. My daily prayer is for God to show me how to respect him more in my actions when we spend time together at the end of the days. Page 30 states, "ordering her husband around like one of the kids." OH! This stung, I find myself doing this all the time. Instead of asking, I am demanding. So just rephrasing what I desire can help so much in making him feel like part of the family.

Chapter Three~
The Performance of a Lifetime ~ Why Mr. Smooth looks so impressive but feels like an impostor.

Imogene~ Page 70 tells how they desire our affirmations. We can do things like proactively set up date nights or even activities once the kids have gone to sleep to show him that you do care and desire a relationship with him.

Chapter Four~
The Loneliest Burden ~ How his needs to provide weighs your man down, and why he likes it that way.

Imogene~ Men get emotional about this! No matter what side job I find to do it is still not taking this burden off of his shoulders. This has been a great discussion point with tons of my other friends that are moms. It is so hard to say my job is to support my husband emotionally with this burden and allow for God to meet this need for my family. So now when he leaves to go to work I do look at him differently just as he should look at me differently about my job.

Chapter Nine~
Words for Your Heart ~ What your man most wishes you knew about him.

Imogene~ page 181, I am not sure if you just started here you would get the impact these next couple of pages left on me. But you could try, I could not read this through my tears. Please read this book and take comfort in the love that the Lord has for you through your relationship with your husband.

I have reviewed this book this way with my name under these chapters. If there are any other authors of this blog that have read this book I would love for you to edit this post and complete. If you are not an author and have read this book please comment to encourage others to read and see what God truly desires for us in our marriages.

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Ashlie Miller said...

Looks like something I should read. I was recently at a homeschool convention and having 3 boys, was challenged to read books about boys and men. Perhaps this should go on the list. Thanks!

noe said...

For sure! I have two boys and this was a great way for me to focus on my husband and see this is who my boys are going to grow up to be:)