Friday, December 17, 2010

SAHS: Christmas Crafts!

Are you looking for some crafty activities to do with your kids before Christmas? Look no further than Roof With a View! Here are two crafts that are preschool/elementary-age friendly and require very little materials.

Craft #1 - Marshmallow Snowman

Items needed: pencil, foam board, school glue, several bags of large marshmallows, gum drops, black construction paper

Take a half sheet of foam board and draw the outline of a snowman (think three circles on top of each other). Draw and cut out a top hat from the black construction paper. Starting with the head of the snowman, drizzle a good amount of glue in the circle and smear around with your fingers. Starting along the outline of the circle, place marshmallows side by side. Work your way to the center of the circle, nestling the marshmallows in together.

After all three circles are complete, glue gum drops on for his eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Put glue on the back of the hat and glue at the top of the snowman. Allow to dry several hours before propping up to display.

Craft #2 - Paper Plate Angel (Fun story about this one: my husband and I teach preschool Sunday School at church and this past week our parent helpers were CC and her husband. The curriculum gave us a very difficult craft for the day, so CC came up with this darling angel!)

Items needed: white paper plate with scalloped edge (translation: cheap paper plate), scissors, glue stick, gold doilies, marker/crayon, some sort of cotton ball/stringy material for the hair

Cut four wedges out of the plate to form the head, wings and skirt of the angel (see picture). Have children draw on the face of the angel (we did use eye stickers here). Cut one doily in half, then cut ONE of the halves in half again (you should have three doily pieces now). Put glue on the angels wings, then paste down the two small doily sections. Paste the larger doily piece onto the angel's skirt. Paste hair onto angel. Voila! A darling little angel!

Have fun celebrating Christmas with your little angels (pun definitely intended!). Allow their excitement about the season to infect you!