Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: Numbering the Days

So teach us to number our days
that we may get a heart of wisdom.
- Psalm 90:12

It's a verse that I normally would think of when a loved one passes or the considering Christ's return, but last week, it came to mind as I began "numbering" days until Christmas, putting together activities and gifts for my boys as we teach them the importance of the Advent season. I had already considered the significance of the Anticipation and Preparation aspects, as you may remember from last year, but I got re-convicted about it. I was so eager to make the "countdown experience" memorable, which it should be, but a still, quiet voice asked, "Are you putting this much effort into the REAL countdown everyday?"


No, I don't think I am. At least, I'm not literally (or for that matter figuratively) making a list of whom I can share the Light of Christ daily. Am I even acting cognisant of the imminence of Christ's return most days? Could someone tell in the way I'm leading my children or in my daily interactions with others (at the moment, I don't get to experience adult interaction outside my home most days)? What do I do as a S.A.H.M. to "redeem the time" when most days I AM staying at home? Who can I help or minister to daily, in addition to my immediate family, and how can I make that work?

It's something to consider this holiday season. What an appropriate time to consider it. Use the Advent Season as a teachable moment...not only to consider the "countdown until we open presents", but as a time to number our days every day.

For more ideas on Advent, I've really been inspired by Impress Your Kids.

What are you learning or teaching during this season? What are some of your favorite activities? How are you "redeeming the time", as a mom?

Redeem the days!

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HPS said...

I've been convicted of the same lately. I was thinking the other day that I should bake something holidayish and share some love w/ my neighbors. Since their in my radius and I'm sure home a lot, I really should reach out to them more. I feel badly that I don't!