Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stay at Home Saturday: Saving Pennies

Happy Saturday, ya'll. Hope you are enjoying this chilly weather. Brrrrr. With the even colder weather approaching, you are probably going to need some snowy day money. We hope you enjoy this household tip from our very own Dolly!

Ever heard the saying, "A penny saved is a penny earned?" A few years back, I received this big old jug for Christmas.
My mom's intentions were for me to use it for spare change. I would put money in there from time to time but over the last year or so, I got more serious about picking up found pennies and being more intentional about putting my spare change in the jar. As you can see, my little boy has fun finding things in our bathroom to put in the jar but we are trying to teach him to only put coins in. So, the other night after dumping the jar to get out my husbands toothbrush, I decided to count it all up and see how much we have so far. Our grand total of what doesn't look like much was $354.79!!! This got me excited and gave me a goal to keep bending down to pick up those pennies that people tend to ignore.

Have your pennies added up to be more than you thought? We'd love to hear!


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Ashlie Miller said...

THAT'S AWESOME! I hate counting change, though....shoowee! Some of those coin sorters won't charge you if you get gift cards for various places instead. A couple months ago, one store's machine also gave an extra $10 iTunes gift card for using their sorter and getting gift cards instead of cash back. Good way to get gift cards for Christmas ;-)