Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: 100% Where You Are

I hope you had a wonderful last couple of weeks! I needed a mental break from the blogging world. :) We had a fabulous 4th! I took pictures, as always. I love taking pics (as you may have noticed) for almost every day. I think that most parents have a camera with them at all times now, thanks to digital technology. It’s fun capturing moments of your little ones and preserves memories for a lifetime (or so it would seem).

However, over the holiday weekend I misplaced my camera! UGGHHHH!!!! Now you have to know, I’m not the type who lives with my phone stuck on my hip, I barely use my texting minutes, and I rarely even use the camera on my phone. BUT, my camera (a simple Canon PowerShot)...I always know where to find it and have it close by to capture anything in an instant. I want my boys to have something to hold to help them remember childhood.

One of the problems with recording these moments, though, is that (as parent) are missing from the action...and life that is happening. You begin to notice it when your spouse and your children are in plenty of pictures together, but when it comes to finding one of yourself enjoying the occasion, none can be found.

I remember my husband sharing an article that spoke of millennial generation going to great efforts to record moments for youtube, Facebook, and the like, but being absent from “the moment”. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

When I graduated high school (don’t even ask how long ago), among the many cards of congrats, the money, and other gifts, I received a devotional, no doubt well known to you - “My Utmost for His Highest.” But it wasn’t one of the daily inspirations that became seared in my memory. It was what the giver wrote. Inside, the inscription read “Wherever you are, be there.” My very cynical, sarcastic mind didn’t quite grasp the quote. “Where else would I be?!” I’m sure is the mild version of my immature thoughts.

In the last few years, I’ve finally “gotten it”. How often do we live for tomorrow, our dreams, or the things that someone has forecast over our lives only to neglect being ever present right where we are at the time? I’ve been SUPER guilty....not just in the way of wanting to capture precious memories via camera. But also in the way of neglecting “small” ministry moments by focusing on what I thought I’m “destined” to do. (So embarrassing even admitting that, you know?)

In Genesis, we get such a great example of living fully in the moment through the young man, Joseph. Now, Joseph, as we know, had dreams, God given ones. Sharing them with others got him into a little trouble with his brothers. Fortunately, Joseph didn’t so dwell on these dreams that he forgot to be where he was. Remember how he made the most of every environment he was placed (forced) into? After being sold into slavery and lied about by his brothers (was that part of his “dreams”?), he worked diligently and whole-heartedly for Potiphar. After being lied about again and thrown into prison, again, he showed steadfastness to God’s plans by doing what he could for those around him while in prison. Eventually, he was divinely placed into a position that resembles his dreams. But notice, that going after that wasn’t his pursuit in life. Pleasing God and being conscious and present wherever he was at the moment was his focus.

We could learn much and teach much from this lesson.

What gets in your way, your family’s way, your children’s way of being completely where you are?

I’m grateful for the reminder of needing to just be there (even in small things), though it has meant misplacing my camera. I hope I truly “get” the lesson soon....because I’m ready to find my camera ;-)

Trying to be here,


Anonymous said...

Will Carolina Clipper and Glenda's post be returning at some point? I sure miss them.

HPS said...

Ashlie, thank you for this reminder! I too recieved MUFHH for high school graduation and am guilty of not being where I am. Great post.

Ashlie Miller said...

Anonymous....please check out this recent post from Hannah!