Friday, December 11, 2009

Free-for-all Friday: Decorating Christmas FOR FREE!

I LOVE to decorate. I love to do it even more when I can do it on a dime (or less).Christmas time is no exception to being able to make your house beautiful without spending fistfuls of money on overpriced decorations. Here are some cute (and wallet friendly) ideas I have used through the years and loved.

1 - On Saturday or Sunday, go to Home Depot or Lowes and stop by where they are trimming the trees. They will give you the trimmings for free! Use them to make swags for your doors. Just gather some branches and put a big ribbon on them. You can also put these trimmings on the tops of your cabinets in your kitchen and add extra ornaments and place them in the trimmings. To really max out this look, you can also add lights.

2 - Decorate with your presents. Put them all over the house. I have to keep mine out of kids reach so I put them on top of my built ins and make stacks on shelves. You can even make a fun centerpiece with them if you are having a holiday gathering at your house.

3 - Floral arrangements are so fun this time of year, too. I can't wait for those few fine branches my husband cuts off the tree so he can fit it in the stand. I break them up and put them in a fun container. You can use a fun Christmas mug as well. Be creative with any left over Christmas ornaments that you have to spice it up . These arrangements need little water so you can also use fake berries or any other decor sticks that you have. Voila! You have a floral arrangement that will last all season long!

4 - Place ornaments in bowls all through the house. This year with a new baby, I did not want to put all my shiny balls on the tree. So I put them in big glass bowls on the mantel and put a bow around the bottom and they look great.
5 - Extra stockings - put these on stairs or knobs through the house with ribbon and this really adds and makes a finished look. Ribbon is great through the house. I use ribbon for napkin holders, on my light fixtures, and even in the garland.

These tips have allowed me to make my house shine for the holidays at barely no cost! Hope they are helpful to you. Merry Christmas!


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