Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tearing Down Walls


I have missed taking time to contribute to the blog and letting the Holy Spirit work in me so I can share a word of encouragement to you all! I know I grow the most when I am challenged to exhort others so thank you for this opportunity. The following content should inspire you to grow as a person which will then equip you to fulfill your calling as wife, mother and friend.

In recent weeks a cloud has come over my spirit. I have been feeling down, sad, irritable and just unhappy. I try to push it off as PMS, hormones or just an off day, but in the past few days God has been challenging me to examine my life a little deeper. He is asking me to look back on areas I have wanted to just brush off and pretend they have not affected me because I know God is all I need. I have been doing a lot of "self talk" trying to pick myself up out of this pit and just get back to business as usual. I mean really, I am a Bible Study teacher and leader, an example of one to follow...not someone who needs anything herself. So I thought.

I know over the next few weeks God is going to be teaching me and I will be able to share more of the story but for today this is what God has revealed:

1) All have sinned and fall short... WE ARE NOT PERFECT!
2) All need a redeemer, someone to release us from the prison of sin
3) Apart from Jesus we are all dead, deceived and living in darkness
4) In Jesus we are alive, complete and made blameless in God's sight

The sin part really messed up the world, messed up the perfect creation and created a great love story in which God comes to earth to die for you and me, returns to heaven and waits until the fullness of time is finished and He can reveal himself again on earth...this time as the King no one can overcome. Our redeemer lives, our redeemer is watching, our redeemer has conquered the grave and we must surrender our lives at His feet so He can work in our lives.

Take a minute to listen to this wonderful song and meditate on the truth it speaks.

Living Victoriously,

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