Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your husband, a Masterpiece


I was having a conversation with a young woman who has been married about a year and is expecting their first child in January. We talked back and forth about the struggles of the first year of marriage along with the struggles of becoming parents. She has a lot on her plate and I wanted to encourage her in her marriage because it feels like yesterday I did not know how I was going to persevere through the same trials.

In thinking over the past ten years, I am able to see a few of my "mistakes" and wrong thinking in and about my marriage. One of the greatest gifts a woman gave me was telling me to look at my husband as the Lord sees him and not as I want to see him. Simple, powerful and completely life changing. If I look at my husband as "fearfully and wonderfully made" then that knocks out all arguments against him that he is not God's perfect masterpiece. It is like looking at a painting and wanting it to have different colors, shapes, and images. If I want the painting to be different then it is not what the artist was inspired to create. I need to sit back look over the painting and appreciate the design that was given to the piece. There is a lot of art out there and it is all very different and unique. The same with God's creation of His children.

The point is to look at your husband as a masterpiece of the Lord and appreciate who he is today and look forward to what God will do with him tomorrow if He chooses to give him another day. Life is a vapor, a mist, fleeting and then we are gone. Chose to live today in this moment content with where God has you while looking forward to your glorious meeting with Him someday face to face.

In Love with my Husband,


Ashlie Miller said...

beautifully written. thanks!

Angela Richardson said...

Annie, this was so good! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It's so needed. And, it's crazy again, because my post tomorrow is about bringing back the "spark"! It's no coincidence...God's timing is PERFECT! :)