Saturday, September 19, 2009

TNT Tip: Why Has No One Told Me This?

Do you like to make homemade oven fries? I do, but whether I make regular oven fries or sweet potato fries, mine ALWAYS stick to the pan. No matter how much I grease it I always have french fry bottoms left in there to soak in the sink after dinner. About two weeks ago I was watching Tyler Florence on the Food Network. He was making burgers and fries and here's what he said to do: While you are cutting up your potatos to make oven fries, preheat your baking sheet (in an oven set to 425). After you mix your cut potatoes with olive oil and salt, spread them in an even layer on the HOT baking sheet. They will sizzle like crazy, but they WILL NOT stick.

Ever the skeptic, I tried it this week and let me tell you - it worked like a charm! I turned my fries halfway through baking and they came right up. When I was ready to serve them, they lifted right out again. You better believe that I'll be making a lot more oven fries now! I'm also going to try this next time I make roasted vegetables. Why has no one told me this before?

One of my favorite products

I use chicken broth/stock a lot. It's a great way to add extra flavor to rice, soups, gravy, and more. One of my favorite things came from my mom 2 Christmases ago: Minor's Chicken Base . She gave me a container of this goopy deliciousness and I didn't know what it was; now I'll never be without it.

Minor's Chicken Base is a product that you add to water to make chicken stock. You just scoop out about a teaspoon and add it to 8 oz. boiling water to have instant stock. Brilliant! What makes this a favorite in my kitchen is that I never have to buy chicken stock in a can or box, nor do I have to buy chicken buillon cubes. Think about it: If you buy a box of stock, it must be used within 2 weeks of being opened. That can be wasteful if you're only using part of it. The 16 oz. container of chicken base will easily last a year in the refirgerator. At about $11 a container, I'd say the chicken base is a good value!

Have you ever heard of Minor's Chicken Base? What would you use it in?




HPS said...

Wow! Now, putting these 2 tips to work in the kitchen might just make me feel like a PRO. I'd never heard of that chicken base. Sounds good and useful to me! Can you buy it in the store or just online?

dalli said...
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AmyA said...

HPS - I searched the website and couldn't find whether they sell in stores, which probably means they don't. However, it sounds like if you have a Sam's Club membership then you can get the similar product there!

green bean said...

I've used chicken base and beef base, both purchased from Harris Teeter (near all the canned and boxed broths). I can't remember the brand, but it was the same concept and seemed to taste much more rich than traditional broths. Somehow I've moved away from using bases. So, thanks Amy, for the reminder!