Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Great Date Experiment

Let me set the scene for you:

Paul picks me up at the house at 5:30. 1st highlight of the evening - there was an element of surprise. I got dressed up for him and we weren't both just in our bathroom getting ready together at the same time.

I got in the car..."Well, where are we going?"

He pulled out "The Great Date Experiment" and told me to read #1 on the first page.

It said to pick a place to go for an appetizer. Then, after that we had to choose an inexpensive place for dinner. (Paul took me to a quirky, fun, taco place in Atlanta where I had my first ever FISH TACO!) At dinner, he pulled out the papers again and we were to ask each other questions like.."When did you KNOW I was the ONE?" 2nd highlight - we had a tool! We didn't talk about our kids, jobs, house, or to-do list. We just talked about us. I really felt like we were on a DATE date. I remember when he prayed for our food that night at dinner, he held my hand and rubbed over the top of my hand with his thumb. That's something he did 12 years ago when we dated. And that night, I got that tingly feeling all over again!

After dinner we went to Target - still following the instructions - and were to pick out a very inexpensive gift for each other. We had 10 minutes and were to meet each other back at the front of the store with our gifts. I got Paul a cycling magazine and he got me a battery operated solar light! We laughed out loud in Target about that one. It's in my back yard though, and every time I see it, I think about our fun time together. 3rd highlight - gifts!!! That's my love language, so it was perfect!

Next up on our agenda we had to take pictures of us (as a couple) on our phone and change our phone wallpaper to US! 4th highlight - being in downtown, taking pictures, having that picture on my phone to remind me of a great date!

There are 6 dates in The Great Date Experiment. We are on date #3. They have inexpensive date ideas and you can download the dates for FREE! Click here to download your first date. Oh, and let me encourage you to watch the video introduction on the site. It's funny. Come on, get going!

Next week, I'm gonna share more about how to pray for God to "bring back that lovin' feeling". If you've lost it. Begin to pray now, "Lord, help my heart to melt when I see or touch my husband." I dare you.

Love, Angela


Ashlie Miller said...

Cool, looks like you and Annie tag teamed on this! First, encouragement to date...and then a tool to make your date a REAL date! Thanks, I'm checking it out, for sure!

Annie Mendrala said...

I honestly had no idea she was writing this blog...but God knew! He must be wanting us all to be loving on our husbands!

Donna said...

That's cute, Angela. Someone gave us a dating kit by Family Life Today (Nights to Remember, maybe??) and it sounds like this. We keep saying we need to open it and use it! Maybe this week, we will!!!