Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Free Lists

To celebrate ListPlanIt's 2nd Anniversary they are offering a FREE 1 week trial membership. The website features almost any list you can imagine. Their motto is "lists to put your world in order" and I couldn't agree more. I did the trial membership last month and really enjoyed it! A few of my favorite lists are:
  • Babysitter instructions
  • Chore lists (available from toddler to teen)
  • Medications tracker
  • Equivalent Measurements
My suggestion is to use the lists as a guide and tweak them to fit your family. My all time favorite list on ListPlanIt is the Weekly Cleaning Schedule!! I created my own to fit our needs. My goal is to do a few small tasks each day and by the end of two weeks my entire house is clean. I also added an "other" column to manage those weekly errands that remain the same each week. It has given me an easy, one stop glance of what I need to get done. I'm not overwhelmed and I feel a sense of accomplishment every day. Click here to see my Weekly Cleaning Schedule. Give it a try!

Household Duties


HPS said...

Yeah! I'm glad Thrifty Thursday returned. Don't forget to mention this is an app on the maaaahvelous IPHONE. :) Goood tip, girlfriend!

HPS said...
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