Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday In the Word: Overwhelmed

"I am overwhelmed!"

If you asked anyone in my family, they would tell you that they hear these words often...

...from me.

That is right, I am frequently overwhelmed by the daily pressures of life. If I have too many things going on at one time, which is every minute of every day, I have a distinct overwhelming feeling. I know as young moms, you often do as well, because I talk to many of you all the time.

Recently I came across this scripture, 2 Corinthians 2:3b
"I am overwhelmed with joy despite all our troubles."
New Message

Wow! What can Paul be talking about? Being overwhelmed with joy! That is definitely a new thought. First of all, in context, he is talking about the extreme difficulty the Corinthian church is having because of conflicts within their own body of believers and also the persecution that many believers are experiencing. Titus came to visit them and it encouraged all of them greatly.
In studying this passage you see that the extreme difficulty the church was having actually was producing many positive results. The believers were stronger, more focused and responsible.

Has difficulty ever caused you to be overwhelmed with JOY! If not, maybe next time it will. This passage definitely gives us fresh perspective.

From the Rooftop:


Being OVERWHELMED can produce JOY instead of frustration.

Let us take our overwhelming feelings and ask God to make them produce effectiveness in our life .

Be an overwhelmed person that encourages another overwhelmed person to be overwhelmed with joy instead of fear or frustration.

The Bible says, "all things work together for good to those that believe." It is revolutionary that even being overwhelmed can work together for good but it can. Remember a few weeks ago when we talked about joy being calm delight? So, being overwhelmed with joy just means instead of fear or panic, you can experience the calm delight. God has something great He wants to put into your life the next time you are overwhelmed.

I am praying for you that you will be OVERWHELMED WITH JOY!

I love you.

P.S. This weekend, I had the privilege of being with a faithful group of believers that are working tirelessly to prepare for ROCK THE RIVER, a festival that will be held over the summer up and down the Mississippi River by Franklin Graham. We are praying that many young people will come to faith in Jesus Christ as they hear the message of Christ in song and message.

The events will be day long rock concerts with periodic messages by Franklin and times to make commitments to Christ. The four locations are Baton Rouge, Saint Louis, Quad Cities and Minneapolis. Please pray for these events, the people working to prepare for them, that God would break down barriers and many people would come to faith. If you live in one of these cities be sure you come, bring your families and your non believing friends. Rock On!! :)

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