Monday, May 4, 2009

What to do with "highwaters"

I've been a long time offender of wearing my jeans too short. In the past year, I discovered this as I was looking through a magazine and saw the black strip over someone's eyes, they were labeled a "DON'T" for the length of their jeans. Hmmmmm. This got me thinking. At first, I was a little offended. Who are THEY to tell ME my jeans are too short?

I tried on my jeans.

Looked in the mirror.


Too short.

The problem is that these were my FAVORITE JEANS! So, I decided to be creative and rolled them up to make them capri pants. The first time I wore them in public, I thought..."I think people are looking at these jeans and wondering why I've rolled them up!" Ha! Now, I love my jeans/capri's again! I wear them all the time. the Braves Game...the petting zoo...even Disney World

You can roll them up, spray starch and iron them. Or just simply stitch the sides so they don't unroll. I'm sure some of ya'll crafty gals out there could get very creative with this one! I thought these little girls jeans were adorable... I love taking something old and making it new by changing it up a little. It saves money and it's fun! Have a great week!


Yo Mama said...

I just blogged about repurposing your clothes! I mention a great book for denim recon!

Melanie said...

Yeah...I don't have that problem. I'm a shorty!

Ashlie Miller said...

Yeah, as a "shorty" I often can't find jeans on clearance that are the right I have several stylish pairs of rolled up jeans! :)

Kristi said...

You look cute, Angela! Nobody would ever know they weren't supposed to look like that.