Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank-You Gift Idea

It's that time of the year ... time for lots of gifts--wedding, graduation, thank-you, etc. In our family, we have a ton of birthdays in May and June as well, and those presents add up quickly. Even with all of these big gifts in the budget, we still want to give a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us out at the end of the school year (or for whatever reason), and I came up with this little goodie a few years back. It is still working out well for us--at least, no one has said otherwise. LOL!

I found this stamp (at Michaels, I think) that reads "Thanks a latte" and depicts this cute little guy holding a cup o' joe. Well, I like to use this stamp in a card or to make a tag ... and add a Starbucks gift card ... or a nice bag of coffee with a mug ... etc. ... etc. Think of the possibilities!

Several years ago, I used the stamp with Starbucks gift cards as thank-yous for a bunch of folks who helped me move. Last week, I gave my daughter's preschool teachers Starbucks gift cards and the little cards you see in the photo (along with a brief personal note and a few dozen doughnuts). I have used it to help express our appreciation other times over the years as well.

I am always looking for ways to show our gratitude in gift form ... without breaking the bank. Please share your ideas, too!


HPS said...

This is so cute Karen! Thank you for the creative idea.

Ashlie.....frequent visitor! said...

LOVE this idea and will be looking for the stamp asap! It reminded me of some little cards that we just bought at Village Fudge (a gift & sweets shop). They had packs of 30 small thank-you cards with little windows that you open up and can leave anywhere for anyone (I also picked up the pack of 30 "Love" cards for my sweetie). Here is a link to the cards