Friday, May 1, 2009

Free-for-all Friday: Snuggle up!

I know you are going to get a recipe tomorrow but I have surefire HIT that you may want to put to use for some Friday or Saturday night fun.

My mom recently made this delicacy for one of our family nights and it melts in your mouth. Try it one time and you'll want to make it your own family tradition. I made it for the first time the other night for a Bible Study get together. It was fairly easy and those that tried it seemed to love it. Without further ado, SNUGGLE BREAD! After all, who couldn't love something with a name like that. :)

(Warning: Consumptions of said bread will may help you acquire more body mass to snuggle).

Snuggle Bread


-1 bag of frozen yeast dinner rolls (not the kind connected, they must be individual and the dough kind...not the "heat and serve" kind)
-Heavy Cream
-Real Butter
-1 little box of Brown Sugar

-Grease pan
-Thaw rolls and set in pan to rise (according to directions on package)
-make sure there is space between them b/c they will touch once they rise.
-Preheat oven according to instructions on package of rolls.
-Once rolls have risen, fill pan w/ heavy cream until covering the bottom half of the rolls (maybe a little more...the creamier the better).
-Melt one stick of butter and poor over the rolls and cream.
-Sprinkle brown sugar across top.
-Bake in oven according to instructions on package of rolls. Will probably need to bake a little longer than the time stated but bake until top of rolls are golden brown.
-Take rolls out of oven and separate them with a knife where they joined together.
-Take spoon and cover top of rolls w/ liquid in pan and between rolls.
-Sprinkle top w/ more brown sugar.
-Scoop liquid back over rolls so brown sugar will liquify.

When served hot, there is no way to describe this b/c it is THE BEST! As the sauce starts to cool, it kind of becomes a cross between a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut and Moravian Sugar Cake which means it is great for breakfast. Serve the hot version for dessert on Friday or Saturday and have the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. You can't go wrong either way.

It's supposed to be rainy in these parts this weekend which provides the perfect excuse to snuggle up. Try it and let me know what you think!


AmyA said...

Oh, yea!! I wanted this recipe!

Kristi said...

I can't wait to make this. I gained 20 lbs. just reading the recipe.