Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning 101

A little bit of trivia...Where does the term "spring cleaning" come from? 

Well, most likely, it's origin can be traced back to the Jewish practice of cleansing the home before passover. Not only were they supposed abstain from leavening (leavened bread), but they were commanded to rid their homes of any spec, any remnant of it for the length of the holiday. The men would scrape up the dust around the window sills and put it in a cloth, take it to the center of town and burn it. Women would thoroughly clean their homes in anticipation of this eight day holiday. 

Now, what a coincidence that it happens to be at springtime when everything is fresh and anew! Coincidence. Probably not! 

This is the time of year, we change the air filters, clean the blinds, the ceiling fans, (maybe) and get rid of junk. Now, how about that part of the ancient tradition where the MEN cleaned the window sills??? Hmmmm. Good idea!

I will be tackling a few major things to SPRING CLEAN my house this year. 
#1. My ebay closet. 
#2. My boys clothes. 
#3. My yard. 
#4. My window sills! :)
#5. My refrigerator.
I've added a BEFORE picture of my ebay closet: I sell ebay out of my home. I keep everything in bins, but my system isn't working. I've ended up storing the bread maker, cake holder and an ironing board in here. I will post an AFTER picture in a week. Whew...better get going!

Share your spring cleaning tips with us! And, whether you've had a taste of warm weather yet, or not, HAPPY SPRING!


Melanie said...

It took me 5 days to clean out my linen closet last week. 5 days!

Jess said...

I pretty much 'Spring Clean' several times a year. If I didn't, with 4 kids, I'd be buried in stuff!