Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Free-for-All Part 2: Frame Frenzy!!! (Decorating)

Today, we are going to focus on what you think is trash and make a treasure in decorating...

Everyone always gives frames as gifts and I have so many of them!!! When I moved to my new house, I had an entire box. I kept seeing these clusters of frames on shelves, mantels, and built ins when looking for decorating designs in catalogs and magazines . I really feel that they can bring together a look. Focus on what goes in the frame to make the look complete.

First - Select the frames that you are going to use. You can go with all one color such as silver or you can use a variety. I feel if you go with the variety you are going to need to use more black and white pictures to balance the look out.

Second -Select the pictures. Have fun with this. Get some pictures from cards, magazines, or old family photos. I feel you will need at least one object rather that people to bring in this look. You can also use quotes OR BIBLE VERSES in these frames!

Third - Arrange the frames. I usually place the larger picture in the middle and go down from each side. If you are using a couple of big prints, then you can really play around to see what goes best.

Here are some pictures arrangements I have in my house.

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HPS said...

This is great, Imogene! I can't wait to get to work w/ all my frames. You've given me incentive. :)