Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Training up Tuesday: Music for your Child's Soul

This post was a brief reality check about the time and energy spent on the things we choose to put into our minds and the consequences for us as adults...but what about our children?

We as parents are responsible for the things that fill our children's minds in their early years...while they are with us. We are also responsible to teach them the importance of guarding their hearts and minds even as they branch out from under our wing. The power of that influence is nothing to take lightly. The effects of our choices on our children's behalf will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

My husband made a statement recently that made a huge impression on me. We were talking with a friend who shared how much she loves being with our child especially because it has given her the opportunity to learn things about Jesus through ways she did not experience as a child...children's Bible songs, Bible stories with illustrations for children, etc.

I tried to put myself in her shoes and I couldn't wrap my mind around not having that foundation as a child. Then, my husband made this statement...

"You know...I was raised with these songs, stories and illustrations. Granted, I didn't live for the Lord in my adolescence to college years. Those scriptures would come to mind at times even when I was living like hell. BUT when I started to live for the Lord again, they all came back to me just as fresh as a flood."

That gave me chills. It was also a great reminder at the utmost urgency of not only protecting my child's innocent mind but also filling it with wholesome, truthful, FUN things that are appealing and will drown out any competing, unfruitful, shallow, destructive messages with which she will most likely be bombarded. Even though the thought makes me cringe, she may wander far from home but we as parents will know what is planted in her heart and soul.

Sidenote: I recently heard a respected Bible teacher say that she prays Matthew 15:13 over her family every single day.

"Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted."

I LOVE that and pray it over my little one every nigh as I tuck her in bed.

OK. This has gotten WAY longer than intended. Sorry, ladies. Now, here are just a few "tools" in the musical arena to begin filling those impressionable minds. You might even enjoy them yourself!

The Praise Baby Collection-Comes in DVDs or CDs. If you want audio, I highly recommend purchasing the 3 disc box set here. Trust me that this music will settle a fussy baby in a heartbeat. It is a pure joy to hear them follow the tunes w/ their cooing and as they begin sounding out the syllables, then words. Never underestimate your baby's ability to get his/her praise on. You will learn the true meaning of being "born to worship." You'll even love singing right along with them!

Lullabies by Laura Kauffman- If you or your babe need to unwind and relax, this is a sweet CD that will loosen every muscle in your body. The acoustics mixed with Laura's voice make it a great lullaby CD.

Touch the Sky is for preschool children ages 3-5 and brought to you by the Willow Creek Association. You can visit here to learn motions to each song so you are guaranteed to have EVEN more fun with your child(ren). To purchase, click here.

Phil Joel Deliberate Kids-Love Him! This is his first children's project and it is a guaranteed "boom-chaka-laka-ROCKIN' GOOD TIME!" full of "Biblical Truth, guitars, grooves and melodies designed to keep the whole family rockin!" His website is also a fun resource for online games and such...a great place for some homeschool fun.

The Big Story Soundtrack CD-This is not just a collection of music that you can listen to in your car, home or office. It is also a way for parents and kids to connect, talk and think about what twelve exciting Bible Stories have to do with their lives.

Pre-teens to Teens:

Here are some great artists that can contribute to a KICKIN' playlist on your KOOOOOL Kid's Ipod Playlist!
  • Starfield
  • David Crowder Band
  • Phil Joel
  • Third Day
  • Toby Mac
  • Leeland
  • Building 429
  • Shane & Shane
  • Switchfoot
  • Delirious
  • Sanctus Real
  • Lincoln Brewster
  • Kutless
  • Tree63
  • Passion Worship Band
  • Charlie Hall
  • Chris Tomlin
You can check out some more teen friendly music at 106.9 The Edge, as well. What musical suggestions do YOU have along these lines? Share them with us!


glenda said...

This is a great resource list. I remember not being able to decide which music would be fun and good.

Aundrea-aka Zerbert Baby said...

Thanks for sharing this list! I have found that both my boys love to listen to our church choir rather than "age appropriate" music. I am not sure why, but when asked my 5 year old says "I want to listen to adult music". Mind you, they only want to hear the loud songs, like Calvary or Through the Fire, but I figure at least they are getting the foundation we so desire for them.

Dolly said...

This is a great post Hannah. Done a lot better than what I would have done. I have that Praise Baby DVD and I love watching Michael watch it and listen to those songs. I especially love singing him all the Sunday School songs I learned as a little girl. Those kinds of songs are so important to learn I think. I mean, I'm still singing them! :)

Donna said...

Good post. It is SO important to monitor what we and our children listen to. I used to HATE it when my mom would listen to preaching in the car. I swore I would never do that. Well, I am now listening to Greg Laurie, Chip Ingram and others in the morning. I didn't think Caroline was paying attention until a few months ago, she was playing and was singing Greg Lauries theme song and the theme song to "Walk in the Word"! I loved it!

Love the lists you gave, too.

Nancy said...

Great resources. I love listening to praise and worship music all day. What goes in stays in!!

A great CD for kids is Willowcreek's Touch the Sky.

HPS said...

Thanks, Nance. Added!

Donna said...

YES! Willow Creek's Touch the Sky is the best CD. Our church uses it in the children's department. We love it in our house and play in very often. I'll even find myself singing the songs as I do housework:)

Ashlie Miller said...

When Chase was a few months old, my mom found Baby Faith videos at a stores ( These are great for tots and babies. They have videos with music and images that tell a little of a story of a Bible person (joseph, noah, moses, etc.). They are really cute and my boys love them. My suggestion...instead of paying $15 for each one....if you know someone attending a Children's Pastor's conference, ask them to look for their booth. We were able to get them for $5 or so one time by waiting until the last day of the conference!